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Page likes on facebook

Whoever accompanies the evolution of the Internet knows that it is common to see new social networks to meet the demands of increasingly connected Internet users. But even in this scenario where the options of interaction platforms multiply, Facebook does not stop growing.

The social network, launched in 2004, remains the largest in the world with more than 1.9 billion users. Therefore, because of this extensive reach, the firstborn of Mark Zuckerberg’s reign may be critical to the success of your business.

More than a space for sharing interpersonal experiences, Facebook has also become a marketplace. Within this space companies assume personalities, express their opinions, debate and interact face to face with their interlocutors. So we say yes, it reserves a special place for business.

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97% of consumers consume Facebook before making the purchase decision. So, for your audience to find you, being on Facebook can be as essential as being on Google, for example. The data are from a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (Pwc) that also revealed that: 93% of connected Brazilians have already bought something online.

How to create a page for my business on Facebook

Many people include the company on Facebook as a personal profile, however it is important that it has a page. To do this, you must follow a different path than the profile creation. And between us, you do not even remember when you created yours, do you?

Even so, you need to be logged in to your personal profile to create a business page. It is linked to one or more profiles with independent accesses. Something to configure later, in the administrative functions. To start, just follow the instructions below:

  • Go to;
  • Choose a Page Category;
  • Select the most specific category from the drop-down menu and fill in the requested information;
  • Click Start.

The page is ready. Now is the time to customize it, adding cover photos, adding the address, phone number of your company, etc.

Use the tools at Facebook provides special access to page information, with the possibility of making campaign creation and monitoring easier. When creating the account, also log in to this page and access the Business Manager.

What to post?

Created page. Now we come to the heart of any strategy for facebook: the content. It is it that will make your page have some use for users. It is the one that will allow a good positioning when the search is related to your business. It is he who will create links, generate leads and ultimately bring revenue to your company. Content is Everything!

Okay, I’m going to post photos of the company’s daily routine, the running of the office, the loyal customer, making videos advertising products, showing my shelves, etc … Yes, all of this is valid, but it is fundamental that there is a planning. Your page is another character in the world of people on the internet. She needs to tell her story, be authentic as her business, have a recognized signature. And all this with professionalism!

Check out some definitions that will guide your advertising strategy on Facebook:

  • Set topics: Look up the interests of your target audience.
  • Define means: it is always good to vary and search for quality content, whether for texts, photos, videos, live broadcasts, infographics, tips, etc.
  • Set timeline: Content needs to be well-distributed. We can not tire the public and, at the same time, we must maintain a constancy so as not to be forgotten.

After these settings, you can now start the action. In these and the next steps that follow, professional support is essential.

Monitoring and talking

With the timeline ready and the content updates in progress, your page moves to the monitoring phase. At this time it is important to take advantage of the graphics and information to get to know your audience. With reach reports, demographic, geographic, and other data, Facebook helps you map the next actions.

Facebook page likes apps

At this moment your page becomes a channel of direct communication, being able to receive messages and comments. It is important to act! Many companies are criticized for their omission, and usually the best route is to position themselves. Since in the social network everyone speaks their truths, you must follow the toada. But all with fidelity to what your company represents.

Now get to work! And if you need any help setting up your business page on facebook, you can count on us.