August 28, 2018 Facebook likes 0

Exchange “likes” in Facebook

Some time ago, I created a group called “I Like You” in the popular social network Facebook. The bottom line was that everyone could add the official FB page of the site, and visitors of the group could view and rate them (put “like”). So you could find new interesting pages for yourself or get new subscribers. But over time the group has changed.

At first everything went as it was intended: pages were added, some of them were evaluated. New pages, new subscribers. And then people adding pages began to simply exchange “husky” and now such an exchange is in full swing.

At the time of writing this post, in the group of 175 participants, that is, theoretically on your page, you can quickly get 175 likes. Of course, if you are ready to put 175 estimates yourself on other pages. For example, in 2 days I received more than 25 likes for my site about car washes, which was necessary to register a short address in Facebook.

And 175 is not the limit, because every day 3-4 applications for joining the group come. So, if your website has an official Facebook page and you want to at least get a short address for it, then enter.

There is an idea to create an automated service for the exchange of huskies, which could greatly simplify the procedure. There are ideas of its promotion and monetization. There is not only programming experience and the desire to invest a lot in this project alone, so if this idea seems interesting to you, then write and maybe create a mutually beneficial partnership.

The effective wrap-up of Facebook is a fast and reliable promotion of your account, hundreds of likes, live discussions in comments, many subscribers, an increase in the rating and a rise in credibility. Qualitative promotion is capable at times to increase the attendance of the page, create real activity, stimulate interest in the published materials, bring personal and commercial success.

It is extremely difficult to achieve high performance by its own forces, so it is more profitable and effective to wind up the activity, and after watching how all the new users appear after the purchased followers. The main thing is to thoroughly approach the choice of a professional team.

New Wrapping Prospects

Competently wind profile Facebook – it means making the page meaningful, interesting for outsiders, it’s not a secret that more trust is brought about by the untwisted persons or brands. Facebook social network is just created for communication, exchange of thoughts, promotion of goods, informing about current events, so the opinion, husky or evaluation of people here comes first. Fame in the most popular social network – the global business site opens up serious prospects:

  • authority among friends;
  • increasing self-esteem;
  • rapid promotion of services, products, ideas;
  • the conclusion of advertising contracts;
  • creative realization;
  • speed attraction of new likes and friends in Facebook.

You can always go free of charge or through mailing, spamming, endless additions to friends, mutual likes, group introductions, discussions that involve hashtags to try to independently achieve high activity on the Facebook page.

True, it is extremely difficult to break through among millions of users, especially representatives of trading platforms, as well as other people promoting services. Advertising could come to the aid, but high cost makes it available only to large brands or companies, and the majority can only sit for hours on the Internet, hoping for a miracle.