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There are numerous advertising strategies for your company on Facebook. And, in recent years, the number of posts pushed up, as a way to break the bubble of organic reach.

Facebook Ads has become one of the only ways with real ability to expand its reach exponentially. In addition, he democratized access by allowing investments of the most diverse scales: you can start with $ 1 or more of $ 1 million if you wish.

Regardless of investment intent, the main focus should be on the public. How to find among the 1.6 billion Facebook users in the world, your person?

To answer this question, when the intention is to advertise on Facebook, the first step is clear: start with the segmentation. Assuming, of course, that you already have your ad (which can be photo, video, text, link, etc).

Step by step of targeting on Facebook Ads: buy facebook page likes cheap

When the subject is a targeted campaign, each of the steps outlined below will determine the success of your ad.

As a result, it optimizes the public’s engagement with its content. Choose each item with criteria and spend as much time as possible with your audience searches.

LOCATION: You can define by country, state, city or zip code. The radius of distance for this range is also freely chosen. (A radius of 15 km from the center of Belo Horizonte (MG), for example)

DEMOGRAPHIC DATA: Age, gender, relationship status, educational level

INTEREST: Interest-driven allows you to define your ideal audience according to the interests, hobbies and pages that this audience enjoys on Facebook. These terms can be obtained through the listed interests, activities, education, positions, tanned pages or groups to which these people belong.

In addition to these steps, Facebook allows you to save ads or automatically target ads to people who like your page and friends of those people, for example.

How to increase facebook page likes automatically

Before implementing the strategy of targeting and pushing posts and content, it is important that your page already has at least between 300 and 500 liked.

Having an expressive number helps you achieve a more significant effect on paid ads. Therefore, if you need to win more followers, the most appropriate is to use Facebook Ads only with the focus on finding more tanned and followers.

Of course, just like in the other ads, targeting in this case is also important. But as the idea is to generate a good initial volume, consider the most comprehensive audience possible for your business when making this investment.

Other important tips to increase the number of likes in your page you find in this matter also here of our blog.

Facebook Ads is a constantly evolving tool, and through the available access in the ad manager, you can follow the step-by-step to make your campaign ideal.

Spend time in the manager’s tutorial and every time you start a campaign go this route.

Wanting to know more about Facebook Ads and other subjects about Digital Marketing just keep an eye on the blog. See you next time!