How to reach the first 1000 likes in Facebook

Read Time: 10 minutes

What you will learn:

  • what is the active core of the audience
  • 21 way to get 1000 likes for your Facebook page

In this article, you will receive a step-by-step plan how to get your first 1000 likes on Facebook. The first stage of page development, when there are few more subscribers, is the most complicated. You create unique content, but the audience’s reaction is still very small.

This is the problem that our customers face. Therefore, we offer methods that will help you to quickly step over the threshold of 1000 likes and collect even a small but active core of the audience that will grow every day.

1. Create a page

Do you pay attention to shop windows? In soc. networks the same principle works. People are attracted to the original design of the cover and profile. And, preferably, from the first minutes of the title and description it was clear what you do and what you offer. Make sure that the page has all the necessary information.

2. Put a pop-up and social. plugins on the site, newsletter and blog

People who come to your site can start reading you and social. networks, just noticing pop-up or social. plugins. Use every opportunity to recall your page, do not be too intrusive. Use these services to eliminate the beautiful soc. plugins:, or

3. Make an e-mail / sms newsletter

Let your subscribers know that you are now on Facebook. Give everyone a discount who lycs your page. Also, add a link to the social network in your email signature. network.

4. Tell your customers offline

Do customers come to you? Hang the poster with the address of the page in a prominent place. If you are a cafe, put a table sign. Promise a discount for the likes. Additionally, this will encourage staff to work better. After all, now everyone can write you a review.

5. Send an invitation to the page to all your friends and colleagues

Friends will not deny you your So ask them to leave your page. And if they can still ask their friends about it, then this can lead to the effect of a snowball. Include in this list also colleagues, their friends and family members. After all, these people are interested in your success and progress.

6. Encourage staff to promote your business in the social sector. networks

Among your colleagues, the staff, for sure, there are active users of social. networks. Think about an additional bonus for those who will volunteer! repost posts with comments from your page to yourself in the tape. Or create your own posts, promoting your business. Design an internal loyalty program. So you grow your own brand ambassadors, who know more about your business than just customers.

7. Plan to leave at least 5 posts per week

You can brightly and beautifully “start” in promotion, but you need to constantly maintain the bar. With this help you content plan and the systematic release of content. Only a daily update of the content helps to return readers to your page.

8. Maintain the balance of content

At first do not try to do a lot of selling posts. Your primary task is to first collect the active core of the audience, and then already offer them your product or service. Make at the very beginning an emphasis on educational and entertaining content. Remember the competition, share links to articles with your findings. Rotate the content themes. Be interesting to the reader.

9. React in the first 10 minutes after the publication of the post

To increase organic coverage it is very important that the post receives the first wave of likes, cheers and comments in the first 10 minutes after its publication. It sounds, of course, difficult, but teach your friends and colleagues to be happy, sherit and comment in the first 10 minutes of your life post after publication. This should be done until you collect the active core of the audience. And then it will happen automatically.

10. Use different content formats

Most of the posts on Facebook are pictures with texts. So why not go further and do not dilute this content with infographics (you can do it yourself using, your information guides or video. Video can be shot even on the phone. The main thing is to understand what you want to show on it and tell the readers.

11. Write about the advantages / benefits of your products / services instead of their direct advertising

Everyone writes that their goods are the best, the most beautiful, and so on and so forth. And you try to look at your product / service through the eyes of the client. Gradually enter in the cognitive content posts in which you disclose solutions to problems that your customers are facing. Do a comparison with competitors, announce the real benefits of your product. This is much more perceived than “who buys tickets a pack, he will get a water pump”

12. Communicate in theme groups on Facebook, gently mentioning your page

Using the Facebook search, find the interest groups where your audience is sitting. Start participating in the life of the group, husk their posts, comment, answer questions, advise. If the mention of your page is appropriate in the comments to a post, do not miss the chance to recall your product / service. Continually update the list of groups.

13. Launch the contest

The process of creating and conducting competitions was well described by Olga Filina in her book “Facebook-effect for business and self-piracy. The experience of a man who collected 10 million likes. ” Competitions attract people to the page, but you need to understand what goals you want to achieve. If you want to increase the coverage one-time, then run an easy contest on the principle: join the page, click on the post under the post, share the post.

To attract the active core of the audience, you should think about launching a series of contests with prizes that are relevant to your brand. For example, a bookshop should give books, bookstands, bookmarks that attract exactly the right target audience.

14. Ask for your feedback

People trust people more online than direct advertising. If you make customers happy, ask them to write you feedback. Loyal customers can start doing this on a regular basis, each time making a purchase from you.

15. Imagine the team, meet the customers in person

People are always pleased to realize that behind the page of the company there are living people. Imagine them, tell us what questions you can address to them. Meet customers in social. network, offer them their help in solving their problems.

16. Advertise posts on Facebook

On account of advertising on Facebook, a professional blogger Konstantin Koptelov wrote well: “There are 2 ways to get 1000 likes: effective and free”. To the effective, of course, is the promotion of posts on Facebook. Promote exactly those posts that have already received the first wave of organic coverage. With a boost you increase the reach, “return” subscribers and accelerate the growth process of the active core of the audience. Remember that the text in the picture for the fasting of the post should not be more than 20%.

17. Use targeted ads on Facebook

Advertising was and remains the engine of progress. Moreover, Facebook provides a choice to whom to address it. Targeting advertising for those to whom it will be interesting. Try different options to determine which positioning brings a greater conversion. According to Dima Tkachenko of the SMM Group, 1,000 likes without a budget can be collected up to 6 months, with a minimum budget (up to $ 50) – 1-2 months, with a budget (more than $ 100) – up to 1 month.

18. Engage opinion leaders

These are active users of social. networks to whose opinion they listen. Your task is to offer to try them your product / service for free or make a mega-discount. If the leader of opinions remains satisfied, he will write you a review on the page or zaghegit your page in a post. So you run the word of mouth.

19. Host guest posts, communicate with bloggers and journalists

Even if you create the most original content, but do not promote it, the result will be minimal. Think wider. Try to start writing articles and post them on the blog on other sites, without forgetting to mention your page in social. networks. If you can not write yourself, then hire a person who will do it for you.

20. Watch what competitors do

And do not say that you do not do it. Look at the pages of your competitors from time to time to see what works for them. Just do not copy. Use this as a hint to create something of your own. Remember that they can do the same thing to you.

21. Give 1000 fans for his likes.

When you see that the mark of fans is approaching 1000, prepare a separate post for this event and a small surprise for this person. Share your first achievement in 1000 likes on Facebook with the world.
Conclusion: In fact, no matter how many you have on the page, it’s much more important – the coverage and activity of subscribers, these people are the active core of your audience.